2022 — Our 12th Anniversary!

It’s hard to believe. From the first round-table discussions in 2010 to now, it’s a clear testimony of grace from the God we serve. 

We were told, “Grove, this will never happen in Texas!”

After all, who ever heard of such a thing in a state prison system: Men and women with long sentences being trained, then appointed as something called “Field Ministers,” then being shipped in teams to other prisons all over the state with the freedom to minister to others?

Is it possible they would be allowed to walk the aisles in the cellblocks, cell to cell, and minister to men in solitary confinement or to men on suicide watch or known gang leaders, locked up by themselves 23 hours per day?

Would it be possible in Texas to see gang leaders listen to the Field Ministers, hear the gospel and come to faith in Jesus, then renounce their gangs, come out of solitary confinement, and enroll in the Bible college at Darrington so that they could become Field Ministers?

We are watching all that happen, and it has been going on for 12 years now.

It is because of our partnership: Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick, Texas Senator John Whitmire, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, and The Heart of Texas Foundation. 

We have been continually sustained by our givers: our donors, supporters, and prayer warriors. We are also deeply grateful that it is we who have been given the privilege of designing, organizing, overseeing, and funding this amazing, historic, ten-year movement that has impacted Texas inmates and their families—what we all celebrate this year. 

And now, what we need is your consistent help to go generational. That means this: year after year, on into the future, teams of trained men and women, all serving long sentences and equipped to minister the good news of Jesus Christ—will continue as a stream of light going into the darkest of places in our prisons.

Will you become one of those who helps us send them? Unless they are sent, they cannot preach.

With great hope, and with thanks for you, to God be the glory, we all say in unison!