Jimmy, Estelle Unit

“Look, none of us are from perfect families. Of my three sons, my youngest is most like I used to be. He got in some trouble and was sent to the Ferguson Unit. Ferguson is and always has been a gladiator farm. When his mother told me he was there, I prayed for my boy. The next letter I received said my boy met this Field Minister named Kewana, . . .

Texas Field Ministers

For 12 years, The Heart of Texas Foundation has spearheaded the vision for Field Ministry in Texas. As of 2022, Texas Field Ministers have successfully served the male prison population for more than 7 years. Currently, 202 Field Ministers serve in 42 prison units across Texas or 67% of the male prison population within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

Field Ministers teach men how to read

Studies show that the illiteracy rate in prisons is as high as 70%. The Field Ministers skillfully teach men to read. Learning to read requires a great deal of vulnerability and trust on the part of the student. The Field Ministers, as men of God, patiently and kindly teach men to read daily. Throughout the instruction time, the Field Ministers have the opportunity to pray with their student, listen to them, extend godly counsel, and display the heart of Christ as they share the good news of Christ.

The Donor Visits

“Seeing is believing.” There is no more powerful proof of that old expression than to go into a men’s maximum-security prison with us.  We often take new friends of our work into the prisons to visit our Field Ministers. We often take donors as well. And our visitors encounter experiences they never could have imagined.