Mission & Vision

Our Mission is to select, educate, train and equip Texas inmates serving long sentences (from ten years to life-without-parole). We give them the opportunity to obtain a fully accredited seminary education, through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. We deploy the graduates as Field Ministers into Texas prisons, so they may share the gospel of Jesus Christ with their peers, serving them in Christlike ways, and in so doing  help bring verifiable positive change and reduce recidivism within the Texas prison system. This is done through spiritual and moral rehabilitation as the Field Ministers counsel, comfort, serve, and disciple those around them.

Our Vision is to accomplish our Mission. We have established working partnerships with the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and the Texas Senate Criminal Justice Committee in order to innovate, develop, lead, organize, sponsor, fund, and support the Seminary for Men at the Darrington Prison and the Seminary for Women at the Hobby Prison, and to further support the deployment to outlying Texas prisons of all those who graduate as Field Ministers from these programs.



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The Board

The Heart of Texas Foundation Board of Directors:  Taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Lost

We are grateful to these individuals who sacrificially give of their time, talent, and treasure to the ongoing work of The Heart of Texas Foundation. Each of them has been into the prisons with us and each has a deep desire to see the effects of the gospel of Jesus Christ permeate all of Texas prisons through the efforts of our Field Ministry teams, who all graduate with the Bachelor of Arts in Biblical studies, which we sponsor and which operate on a year-around basis inside the Darrington Penitentiary in Rosharon, Texas.  We are committed to having only Board members who are spirit-led Christ followers, who are active in their own local churches, and who are leading exemplary lives of integrity around the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We believe the Lord birthed this amazing work, and we hold Him as our guide throughout our work.  The Heart of Texas Foundation is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  All donations are tax-deductible; please check with your accountant.

Board Members

David G. “Dave” Hanna, Retired Business Owner
Pastor Jerry Martin, Light of the World Christian Fellowship
Michael Behne, BMC, Inc.
Edwin Peters, Retired IBM Executive
Grove C. Norwood, Founder & CEO, Non-voting Board member

Who We Are

The Heart of Texas Foundation actively provides, as a no-cost service provider to the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the entire Texas Field Ministers Program and its ongoing development, integrity, and funding.

The Heart of Texas Foundation is an IRS approved 501(c)(3) charitable, non-profit Christian organization which accepts no state, federal, or tax-dollars of any kind from any agency or donor.