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 Here are some links to videos that will help you learn more about the work of The Heart of Texas Foundation, the Southwestern Seminary at Darrington penitentiary, and our graduates who go out to become Field Ministers in Texas prisons.


Opening Day of Seminary at Darrington:  The First Convocation

 AUGUST 29, 2011.  Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary hosts the “Convocation”, the beginning of the historic new Southwestern Theological Seminary Campus within a maximum-security prison.  SOUTHWESTERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY announces its first campus inside a Penitentiary. An historic first for Texas, SWBTS begins an unprecedented presence within the razor-wired walls of Darrington Penitentiary, a maximum-security prison in Rosharon, Texas, just south of Houston. See the video of the official opening of Fall Semester, for the Class of 2015– all 38 long-term inmates, most of whom are doing life in prison, and ALL are long-term inmates. They will graduate in 4 years and continue their ministry by being transferred as “Field Ministers” to the other prisons of Texas, to assist the individual prison Chaplains. Spiritual Transformation leads to moral rehabilitation. Moral people do not create victims.

Click here to view the Convocation Highlights Video!

Click here to view more of  the Convocation, August 29, 2011

Click here to view the Overview (for Chaplains) of the Darrington Seminary.


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