The Donor Visits

“Seeing is believing.” There is no more powerful proof of that old expression than to go into a men’s maximum-security prison with us.  We often take new friends of our work into the prisons to visit our Field Ministers. We often take donors as well. And our visitors encounter experiences they never could have imagined. 

The Hobby Unit for Women

The Heart of Texas Foundation | College of Ministry begins at the Hobby Unit for Women in 2021!

We are now developing a Field Ministers Program for the women in Texas prisons.  The Hobby Unit for Women, in Marlin (30 minutes south of Waco) will be the location of The Heart of Texas Foundation | College of Ministry for women where the Class of 2025 will begin their studies pursuant to the Bachelor of Arts in Applied Ministry.  

We look forward to releasing updates as we go. Please pray for the women students and faculty as we move forward together to equip women to serve skillfully and with joy under the cross of Christ anywhere a woman lives in the prison.

The Field MinistrySupport Kit

Over the last few years of our operation, we have been able to build at the Darrington bible college a robust theological library of some 28,000 volumes, certainly unequalled anywhere in any prison in the world.  During their four years of training, our men grow accustomed to having such a world-class library, yet when they are transferred out to their Field Ministry prisons, they find few theological and ministerial resources. Years ago we determined to provide each team of Field Ministers with a theological library of its own.

Texas Field Ministers

For nine years, The Heart of Texas Foundation has spearheaded the vision for Field Ministry in Texas. As of 2019, Texas Field Ministers have successfully served the male prison population for more than five years. Currently, 162 Field Ministers serve in 33 prison units across Texas or 55% of the male prison population within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.