August 2022, Newsletter

The Heart of Texas Foundation College of Ministry


The Heart of Texas Foundation College of Ministry
at the Memorial Unit for Men:

We have the direct privilege and calling to prepare men and women with long prison sentences to go with the good news of Jesus Christ and serve others in his name to places and to people who have never known the Lord and become hopeless. From the inside, out together we are making communities safer through the only peace there is—through Jesus in the hearts of people. The Heart of Texas Foundation College of Ministry daily prepares men and women to become Field Ministers. Wherever the Lord has called you, by giving to this effort, you are making a difference in the darkest of places.


The Heart of Texas Foundation College of Ministry
at the Hobby Unit for Women:

Watch each video to hear from six different women students at the Hobby Unit before their baptism.


You have given generously to the women. And because we were able to go and tell them the good news of Jesus, they heard the gospel and believed. They are growing in maturity and grace. Please continue to give so that we can continue. Vastie is in the Class of 2025. She shares a cell with one woman on a living pod of 84. She is already living out her faith in front of many.


Do you have a heart for the orphan? Germaine was orphaned at an early age. She was adopted in her teens. Chaos around her led to being surrounded by people that did not have her best in mind. And she followed their ways, until now. Germaine is a joy to work with on any assignment. She works hard no matter what the task is. She is a walking testimony to everyone who knows her.


Kimberly is the mother of four children. She has only grown since we have known her over the last year. She started off more quiet and reserved, but always contributed to class discussion. Kimberly is a joyful peacemaker in class and socially among the women on the Hobby Unit. Her papers are always deeply insightful. She is bold in her testimony and at peace with the Lord and in her life.


Brittany grew up going to church every now and then. She heard about the Lord from an early age. She began to reach out to the Lord just before her incarceration. She shows an arresting fear of the Lord that is a blessing to everyone. Brittany’s academic progress has grown exponentially. Like many, she had not been in school for a while and what school she attended prior to her incarceration was filled with distraction. Now, if she hears or reads something one time, she has it.


Barbara was part of the “Hobby 9.” We first met her in January of 2019. She was one of nine women who helped us understand the women’s population better before we ever started. She has always been a tremendous blessing. Barbara has lived at Hobby for 18 years. She loves the Lord and people deeply. She invited several correctional staff to her baptism. They attended. Everyone who has known her talks about how much she has changed in Christ. We love sweet, tender-hearted Barbara.


Amber grew up in the Houston area. She was raised in a Presbyterian Church. She has always been more quiet in the class. She has played a major role in the college library. She serves as a library clerk helping build out the library database as one of three library clerks. Amber simply wants to follow the Lord in everything she does. Her maturity and growth is supported by being part of the college and gaining strength to become a Field Minister. We look forward to every day with Amber.

Dear Friend,

Thank you for the difference you are making in the lives of so many. There are currently 133 men in The Heart of Texas Foundation College of Ministry at the Memorial Unit for Men. The Class of 2026 for the men is being prayerfully selected now. Their Orientation Day is scheduled for October 14th. The college will swell to 173 men and possibly more in just a few weeks.

There are 30 women in the Class of 2025—history in the making! These 30 women are Freshmen who will complete their tenth course this coming week. They have two more courses to finish their Freshman year and will soon become Sophomores. We celebrate their one-year anniversary in the college this week, August 23rd. More than half of them came from other units across Texas. All 30 are courageous pioneers. They are setting the pace faithfully as the first class of women. We are astounded daily by the steadfastness of the Lord in them. They have his character and are growing in the strength and love of the Lord.

Thank you for giving to this work. We simply cannot do this without your help. Over the last few weeks we were able to replace worn out tables and chairs in the men’s college. Your financial gifts are the only reason we are able to do this. We have purchased class sets of textbooks for the men and for the women. Due to new courses in our curriculum, these course textbooks are essential to the growth of the men and the women. Thank you! We need you. Class textbooks alone are budgeted each year according to approved titles. The men receive 45 copies of each title and the women receive 40 copies—this comprises a class set. Because the men have Field Ministers helping as Professor’s Assistants (P.A.s) in the college, we need them to have their own textbook they can write in and prepare for class tutorials. The Field Ministers at the Memorial Unit have the high calling of being part of the lives of men while they are students—future Field Ministers. Nearly every man in the student body knew and was greatly impacted by a Field Minister. 

Thank you for your continued impact on the kingdom of Christ. You have touched the lives of many. Please continue to pray for all of us in this treasured calling.

Thank you,

It’s good to see joy welcome in the college. Grove and the Class of 2025 enjoy laughter together before a class picture. Grove is the professor for Great Books 2. He chose two books: Moby Dick and In the Heart of the Sea—two books with great themes to discuss.

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23