Exiles: A Prisoner’s Daily Devotional has a new cover!

The Heart of Texas Foundation published Exiles: A Prisoner’s Daily Devotional the fourth edition in 2022. Exiles was originally released in 2015 and has sold more than 10,000 copies. Johnny Blevins, Jason Karch, and Terry Solley continue to serve as Field Ministers with integrity. We have known these men for more than ten years. We look forward to watching how God continues in his faithfulness to them and theirs to him.

FM Team, Walls Unit

During our first few weeks on the Walls unit, we met Angel, who at the time was a very young Christian and had yet to fully commit his life to the will of God. Angel had a rough and violent background, growing up in a gang lifestyle and was a repeat offender. After talking with Angel and sharing our testimonies with Him, we saw . . . 

Jimmy, Estelle Unit

“Look, none of us are from perfect families. Of my three sons, my youngest is most like I used to be. He got in some trouble and was sent to the Ferguson Unit. Ferguson is and always has been a gladiator farm. When his mother told me he was there, I prayed for my boy. The next letter I received said my boy met this Field Minister named Kewana, . . .