Texas Field Ministers Program for Women

We are now developing a Field Ministers Program for the women in Texas prisons.  The Heart of Texas Foundation | College of Ministry for women will be located at the Hobby Unit for Women, in Marlin (30 minutes south of Waco).  We have invited two groups of women to help us lay the groundwork.  

The instructional space for the classroom, library, and computer lab has been painted. Shelving, tables, chairs, and laptops are on their way to the Hobby Unit. And perhaps, most important, the room will be receiving air conditioning due to generous donors who care about the women and want to see this opportunity into reality for them.

Updates on the school for the women will be developing quickly as we prepare for the historic first class to begin in 2021. Please continue to pray for the women students and faculty as we step into this important work the Lord has given us. So many people are coming together to make this work possible—TDCJ, HOTF, volunteers, inmate women, donors, and government leaders. We are grateful to the Lord to be a part of what he is doing.