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BAYLOR ANNOUNCES Historic 5-year Study of The Darrington Prison Seminary, and Angola Seminary


Here is a link to the BAYLOR PRESS RELEASE announcing the grant and the two concurrent studies that began in September of 2013.

Here are articles by Baylor’s Director of the Institute for Studies of Religion, Distinguished Professor, research scientist, and Author, Dr. Byron Johnson— regarding the role and impact that faith-based programs have on Texas, America, and the world.

The results of these historic studies will be shared with the secular media, newspapers, magazines, and other outlets.  A new book dealing specifically with these two studies, to be written by Dr. Johnson, is planned as well.  We look forward to the day when other states and their policy-makers will see the value of these kinds of spiritual foundations systematically infused within prison systems.  We believe policy-makers of all religious persuasions will see the benefits in (1)safer prisons; (2)fewer victims inside the prison and without; (3)reconciliations with inmate children & families; (4)significant impact to the cost of operating prisons.  Safer prisons are less expensive to operate.  Dr. Johnson’s book, “More God, Less Crime“, shows the voluminous data and research that validates those points.

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