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Graduation at Darrington, 2019! Thirty-four new Texas Inmate “Field Ministers”

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Our Graduation this year marked the fifth graduating class, thirty-four inmates, who are now equipped with four-year Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies degrees, awarded by the accredited Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Seminary PhDs taught these men for four years of full time study.  These men are now approved by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to be transferred to seven other prisons in Texas, in teams of 4-5 men, where they will be given unprecedented access to move about their prisons and minister to, counsel, mentor, and teach other inmates.  With this fifth graduating class, we are now in 33 prisons in Texas with Field Ministry teams.  That means 55% of all men in Texas prisons now have access to their own TEAM of Field Ministers! God willing, with continued support from our donors and partners, each year in May we will graduate another senior class and send them out to multiple prisons where they will actually LIVE full time as inmate “pastors,” counselors, teachers and mentors to their fellow inmates.

New York Times Article on Seminaries

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New York:  October 4, 2013.  New York Times released article on the Angola Seminary Bible College, mentioning the Texas prison Seminary (Darrington).  Read more.

See the Slideshow published by the New York Times on the Angola Bible College.

Texas’ Darrington Penitentiary: A New Seminary

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Seminary Classes 2015, 2016, 2017
The first three cohorts in the historic Darrington Seminary, Rosharon, Texas.
Funded by The Heart of Texas Foundation donors and supporters.

The Darrington Penitentiary Seminary, an extension campus of The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, is privately funded by The Heart of Texas Foundation donors. This picture was taken right after Governor Rick Perry’s historic visit to the Seminary in July of 2012, where he visited with the men, shared his heart with them, and encouraged them to persevere in their studies and their desires to give back “betterness instead of bitterness” and to serve out their long-term sentences in service to others as Field Ministers in prisons throughout Texas.

The Heart of Texas Foundation welcomes Governor Rick Perry to the Darrington Seminary, an extension campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

It’s Official: Southwestern Seminary at Darrington Penitentiary– History in the Making

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Houston, Texas, August 22, 2010.  After many months of working with Senior Warden Burl Cain at the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, we have reached a landmark in Texas prison history.  We are going to see a real Seminary Campus established inside one of our maximum security prisons.  And that prison has just been named.  It is Darrington Penitentiary, in Rosharon, Texas. Darrington Penitentiary is home to about 1800 inmates, ranging from their late teens to their 70’s.  It’s a maximum security institution, with Senior Warden Brenda Chanel at the helm.  And within months they will be the first Texas pentitentiary to have an accredited Seminary begin an extension campus with the razor wire and brick walls of the prison.

]The Heart of Texas Foundation has been asked to serve as the facilitator in bringing the first Seminary Bible College to Texas.  Consequently we have been working closely with Senior Warden Burl Cain of the Louisiana State Penitentiary, who began a landmark Seminary program over 10 years ago.  Warden Cain has a liking for Texans, and offered Grove Norwood his help in creating a Seminary Bible College within a Texas Prison. Since April of 2010, Grove has been working with TDCJ (Texas Department of Criminal Justice), The Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Forth Worth and Houston, and the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention, as well as many Foundation supporters, to bring about this historic event. The Southwestern Seminary officials, including President Paige Patterson, Provost/Executive Vice President  Dr. Craig Blaising, and Houston Campus Dean Dr. Denny Autrey, have agreed to support the new Campus with their full accredited curriculum.  Their Professors will teach the 4-year classes within the program. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice, led by Mr. Brad Livingston, will provide the security, staffing, and facilities to allow the voluntary Seminary program to be offered in their system. The Southern Baptist of Texas Convention, with Executive Director Dr. Jim Richards, and Chief Financial Officer Mr. Joe Davis, will provide funding assistance in the form of faculty compentation to the new Seminary. Private funding developed by The Heart of Texas Foundation supporters, will allow new computers, a theological library, and other initial expenses to be met.

See the Fox News Video, filmed in June of 2012, covering the new Darrington Seminary!

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