FM Team, Walls Unit

During our first few weeks on the Walls unit, we met Angel, who at the time was a very young Christian and had yet to fully commit his life to the will of God. Angel had a rough and violent background, growing up in a gang lifestyle and was a repeat offender. After talking with Angel and sharing our testimonies with Him, we saw . . . 

an earnest desire within him to learn and grow in his faith. Little did we know at the time that God had been convicting Angel of holding on to some of his old worldly ways, which he was now ready to let go of. We began encouraging him to come to church more and enrolled  him in our discipleship class (he ended up graduating from three of our classes). This was a huge accomplishment for him because he dropped out of school at a young age and English is his second language. In addition to this, we also began mentoring him in the Scriptures and ministry.

When our transient church services started, and we received approval to incorporate men from population in them, Angel was a natural choice, As a Christian, Angel was shy and nervous about sharing his faith, so when he became a part of our transient ministry team he would just help set up and pass out reading material.  Over time we encouraged him to share his testimony and to pray with the men. His confidence began to build as he did this and he progressed to giving exhortations, and preaching. He also began to become involved in the bilingual chapel service, through sharing his testimony, exhorting, and preaching.  Angel became a mentor in our faith-based program and assisted in our discipleship class. It was amazing to see the transformation God performed in this man’s life.

Earlier this year Angel was granted parole and went home. We received an update on him, and he is doing very well. He is living with his mother and helping to care for her. She was shocked at the change in his life.  He is a member of a church (a first for him). He has shared his testimony with the congregation and is part of an outreach team. He has a good job as a truck driver with flexible hours that allow him to be active in church.

This is just one example of how God is using us to help men become mature Christians who not only return to society as productive citizens, but also as ministers who are prepared and equipped to share their faith and disciple others.

Field Ministers Team, Class of 2018