Taking the Gospel into the Darkest of Places

What drives us in this calling?  It is to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the darkest of places. For us, those places are where men in solitary confinement live out their days, and often years, alone. Totally alone. They are not allowed to go to church, to attend bible study, to take classes, go to the library, the recreation yard, the cafeteria.  They are locked up inside the lockup.  

While our Field Ministers actively share the gospel and minister in all those areas of the prison, they are especially encouraged to visit the men in solitary confinement; the men under 24-hour a day suicide watch, the men under Constant Direct Observation by officers. Many of these inmates are gang members who must be removed from general population for the safety of others and themselves. Many of our Field Ministers are former gang members who can counsel, share, and help those gang leaders in solitary.

We have seen repeated cases of gang members who found Christ as a result of Field Ministers’ visits, and who later renounced the gang were allowed to come out of solitary. Some of those former gang leaders are in our Darrington bible college right now. They are preparing to become Field Ministers and to pay forward the gospel that changed their own lives.  

The Field Ministers of the John B. Connally Unit faithfully visited the men in restricted housing. Karl was one of those men. Karl is now a leader for the good on his unit and has received a reduced sentence with the opportunity to be released from prison. Without the Field Ministers being able to visit Karl, he might still be lost in a cell alone.