The Hobby Visits

We are now developing a Field Ministers Program for the women in Texas prisons.  It will be located at the Hobby Unit for Women, in Marlin, just south of Waco.  We have invited two groups of women to help us lay the groundwork.  

First, there is the “Hobby 9.” This is a group of 9 inmate women, most of whom have life sentences, who have expressed a sincere desire to be part of the first freshman class in our forthcoming 4-year undergraduate bible college curriculum there. Second, there is the “Women’s Advisory Council.” This is a group of 9 women in the free world, all seminary graduates with PhDs, all of whom have come into the Hobby prison individually to meet with the Hobby 9. 

Here you see the Hobby 9 women in one of their monthly meetings with Brenna and a member of the Women’s Advisory Council, who may have flown in from out of state. These visits generally last 2 hours or more, and are wonderful exchanges that result in prayer and new friendships forged.

The Women’s Advisory Council for The Heart of Texas Foundation
(Read their bios in the link above):

Dr. Rosaria Butterfield
Dr. Tracy Dyson
Dr. Denise Hallfors
Mrs. Beth Holmes
Dr. Brenna Norwood
Dr. Lilly Park
Dr. Diana Severance
Mrs. Amy Whitfield

The Women’s Advisory Council members have each visited the Hobby Unit. They are shaping the very dna of the Texas Field Ministers Program for Women. Their sound council pervades the beginning of this work.