The Field MinistrySupport Kit

Over the last few years of our operation, we have been able to build at the Darrington bible college a robust theological library of some 28,000 volumes, certainly unequalled anywhere in any prison in the world.  During their four years of training, our men grow accustomed to having such a world-class library, yet when they are transferred out to their Field Ministry prisons, they find few theological and ministerial resources. Years ago we determined to provide each team of Field Ministers with a theological library of its own.

To create the “Theological Library Kit,” we carefully identify key books, commentaries, lexicons, and other ministry resources and order each volume individually for each kit. We also include two new computers and a shared printer for each team.  

You see over 1,000 ministry resources in the picture.  We personally deliver each Kit. All the materials have been approved by the prison system for use by the Field Ministers. In a significant change in policy, the 800 counseling booklets, on a variety of subjects, are able to be given by the Field Ministers to men in solitary confinement cells.  We are blessed by the donors who provide the funding to purchase these Kits each year.