Texas Field Ministers

For nine years, The Heart of Texas Foundation has spearheaded the vision for Field Ministry in Texas. As of 2019, Texas Field Ministers have successfully served the male prison population for more than five years. Currently, 162 Field Ministers serve in 33 prison units across Texas or 55% of the male prison population within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

The Heart of Texas Foundation actively provides, as a no-cost service provider to TDCJ, the entire Texas Field Ministers Program and its ongoing development, integrity, and funding. 

Men serving extremely long sentences apply, are accepted, and study for four years to become a Field Minister upon their graduation from the Darrington Prison Extension of Scarborough — The College at Southwestern.

The Heart of Texas Foundation privately funds the Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies earned by four classes at the Darrington Prison Unit in Rosharon, Texas — a degree granted by the SACS and ATS accredited, Scarborough College at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  The Darrington Bible College is privately funded by The Heart of Texas Foundation donors.