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Our Volunteers, Donors… and How to Be One

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We are grateful for our growing list of volunteers— we need both laborers and donors.  The Heart of Texas Foundation will grow in direct proportion to the volunteer Warriors — both men and women —  whom God leads to join us.  How do you know if you should become a volunteer/donor?  You watch for the slight “tap-tap” of God on the shoulder of your heart.  If you feel it, saddle up.  It won’t be the devil doin’ the tapping!!

When God offers you an opportunity to join Him in a Kingdom project, God does not usually take a hammer and smack your knuckles to get your attention .  Instead, he does what Christ did:  he just quietly asks.  He invites.  Some folks– we pray you’re one– are willing to immediately adjust their schedules and follow His lead.  Others postpone Him until a more convenient time.  You either respond immediately, adjust your schedule, and move out, or you don’t.  We await your God-tap, and pray you’ll be moved to action– and join us!

Here are opportunities for Volunteers to ride with us to the Front Lines of the battle.  WE COULD USE YOUR HELP AS:

  • Team members to help with our annual Banquet.
  • Team members to help with office mailings when request
  • An Events Coordinator ~ includes setting up requested church meetings, conferences, prison events, and recovery groups
  • Newsletter writing
  • Web Site Administrator
  • A Blog Site Administrator
  • A “Printed Newsletter” Editor ~ we don’t have one and want to get one started!
  • Correspondence Secretary/Administrative Assistant (correspondence with inmates who write, and the general public)
  • A Grant Writer! We’re ready and could qualify for some grants if we had your help to write them.

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