The Heart of Texas Foundation

“Life” at Angola— The Bloody Ground No More

Here is a video of what we found when The Heart of Texas Foundationl (Grove and friends) arrived at the Angola State Penitentiary in Louisiana in 2009.  The Warden Burl Cain told us it was the Angola Seminary “Bible College” that had the most impact on change, from the inside out.  It was this culture change in “America’s Bloodiest Prison” that caused us to ask, “Will you help us bring a prison Seminary to Texas?”  And Warden Cain said “I will help you.”   That began the prison seminary “movement.”  Texas was next!

View Angola’s “Life” as produced by USA Today.

See the Fox 26 Video of our Texas “Southwestern Seminary at Darrington penitentiary”.  Modeled after the Angola, LA Seminary inside the Louisiana State Penitentiary.