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Dear Friends of The Heart of Texas Foundation:

(Note:  this is a new page, being updated as we can, check back later for more snippets from the letters we receive from friends and inmates!)

We are grateful to receive many emails, letters, and phone calls during a given week. They all are encouraging to us, and let us know of the incredible Grace of a living God of the Bible, who turns mere seeds into huge harvests. As we have time, here are a few of those harvest fruits!  We give God all the honor and applause for any help to others that this story, and the movie, might bring. We believe that every good gift, and every gift that is perfect for a situation, is from Above, and comes down “from the Father of lights, in whom there is no possibility of a shadow or of turning.” (James 1:17)  ~~ Grove Norwood


Dear Grove:
 I have watched both the Angola and the Darrington seminaries since their beginnings, and I have to say they are truly blessings.  I have preached in both seminaries and witnessed the excellent job they are both doing.  I have also seen graduates of both programs on site and in action.  I must say inmate field chaplains if a revolutionary, needed, and effective idea from God.  I have been in prison ministry for thirty-four years.  I have ministered in prisons in thirty states, twenty-seven nations, on four continents; and I can say I have never seen anything any program that brings more hope or affects more prisoners than these seminaries.  Thank you, Grove for your obedience to the vision of God and making it happen in Texas.  May god richly bless you and the seminary at Darrington.​

Johnny Moffitt, Founder & President
Worldwide Voice in the Wilderness Ministries


Dear Grove:
Thank you so much for your encouraging message in (Southwestern Seminary’s) Chapel yesterday.  It was so great to have you.  Please know of my gratitude for your great work!

Steven Smith, Phd
Vice President for Student Services
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary




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