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Hannah’s Gift

An entirely new program for incarcerated mothers is coming to the Texas women’s prisons!  It’s called, “Hannah’s Gift,” and it’s a “motherhood” curriculum that had its beginnings in the only women’s prison in Louisiana.  Through the sponsorship of The Heart of Texas Foundation, in an active new partnership with the staff and volunteers of the experienced ministry to incarcerated women in Texas, Discipleship Unlimited, we will be bringing the Hannah’s Gift “motherhood program”  into women’s prisons in Texas in 2014-2015.  AWANA Lifeline is also an active partner and sponsor with The Heart of Texas Foundation, in our efforts to bring new levels of reconciliation to the incarcerated mothers in Texas, and their children.

 View the short video from the Louisiana Correctional Center for Women, where Hannah’s Gift first started.

We are grateful to Dr. Kristi Miller, author of the book, Hannah’s Gift, and to the incarcerated mothers in that program in Louisiana.

Incarcerated mothers are being helped to reconcile with their children through this remarkable new program which was born out of the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola, and the Louisiana Correctional Center for Women (LCIW), facilitated by Warden Burl Cain of Angola, and Dr. Kristi Miller of LCIW.

Watch this page for developing news on this exciting program, all part of The Heart of Texas Foundation’s dedication to its mission to bring new levels of safety, forgiveness, and reconciliation to the Texas prison system– and then to share what we do with others.



Here are some of the women in the Murray and Mountain View prison units here in Texas.
Most of them are mothers.
They are ministered to by our partners and colleagues at Discipleship Unlimited (“DU”).
Many of these women will be enrolling in the new “Hannah’s Gift” program in 2015,
as we systematically insert the program into all of the women’s prisons in Texas.