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We at The Heart of Texas Foundation have as our vision to help create a Malachi Dads chapter in each prison to which are sent our seminary graduates, as “Field Ministers.”  The Field Ministers are graduates of the Southwestern Seminary at Darrington, which our donors fund and support, and each year new teams of our graduates are sent into the mission fields of other prisons in Texas.  To the prisons where our Field Ministers are sent, it is our vision to help begin a Malachi Dads chapter in those prisons.  In that way, the Field Ministers can be a “live in” resource to all the inmates who enroll for the 1-year Malachi Dads curriculum.  The Field Ministers will be available to counsel, encourage, and guide the Malachi Dads along their way toward reconciliation with their families and children.

In 2014 The Heart of Texas Foundation began the systematic sponsorship, along with local churches in prison areas, of a Chapter of Malachi Dads in our Teas prisons.  Here is the ongoing list as we deploy new chapters into the prisons.

2014:  Coffield Penitentiary, Tennessee Colony (Palestine Area), Texas, installed May, 2014.  Classes began in June.  Local volunteers and churches in the Tennessee Colony-Palestine area are sponsoring the chapter, including the purchase of curriculum books for the men who attend.  Approximately 32 men began the program, on a strictly voluntary basis.

2015: Darrington Penitentiary, Rosharon, TX

2016: Ferguson Penitentiary, Midway, Texas

Malachi Dads

One of the Founders of Malachi Dads at Angola State Penitentiary, LA

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