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A “Day with Dad at Darrington”



“DAY WITH DAD AT DARRINGTON” for the children and their Dads.  This is an annual event staged entirely by the voluneers and donors of The Heart of Texas Foundation.  It began as a partnership with our dear friends from North Carolina, “” who have pioneered these events.  We continue this event at Darrington on our own now, as Forgiven Ministries continues serving not only North Carolina but other states as well, including Texas!  Our dar volunteers at Day with Dad are from multiple churches in the greater Houston area.  We could not do it without them.  If you are interested in learning more, please contact Tracy Baskin, Gary Hill, or David Maniscalco.  These annual events are scheduled for November of each year.  There may be room for you to participate as a volunteer!

CAREGIVERS AND “DAY OF HOPE” for those who care for the children.  There are many different jobs available, including serving the “caregivers” who take care of the children while their parents are in prison.  These caregivers are the ones who actually bring the children to Darrington for Day with Dad.  During that day, we have a special team of people who care for the caregivers “off campus”, away from the prison.  They are served, ministered to, fed, encouraged— through an exciting array of events planned just for them.  If you are interested in learning more about the caregivers day, which we call, “Caregivers Day of Hope”, contact Lenda Crawford.

Day with Dad at Darrington” –FOR CHILDREN OF INMATE FATHERS

Here is a video taken of our “One Day with God Camp” done with our ministry partners,
Forgiven Ministry of North Carolina,
 and The Heart of Texas Foundation, at Darrington penitentiary



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