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The Texas Prison Seminary Task Force Saddles UP!

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Today is Friday, and we’re hustling out here in the country to get ready for the trip, which begins tomorrow.  About 20 men will be going with me to the Louisiana State Penitentiary at Angola.  Warden Burl Cain has extended his hospitality to

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allow The Heart of Texas Foundation to coordinate this trip so that these men, all hand-picked by God, will be able to spend 3 days with the Warden, and to witness the Graduation of the Class of 2010, from the Angola Bible College.    Here’s an email I sent out to a few of our supporters yesterday, and wanted to share with everyone– click on the links, turn your speakers on, and roll the volume up.  Listen to Dr. Paige Patterson, President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, and me as we talk about our joint effort; done in two separate interviews with Dallas Talk Show Host, Jim Wilson of KCBI!

Hi, Friends of the Foundation,

This is a recent interview with Dr. Paige Patterson, who is the President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, one of America’s largest Seminaries, in Forth Worth.  This was conducted about 5 weeks after I had meet with him and his executive faculty on April 1, and was held in Dr. Patterson’s office on the campus, by Jim Wilson, talk show host and newscaster, KCBI Radio, Dallas.Click on the link below to listen to the interview with Dr. Patterson. Turn your computer speakers on, of course, and volume up(I was interviewed by Jim this morning at 7:40, on KCBI, also.  Jim is going to go to Angola with us, and will broadcast in a special arrangement, from inside the prison grounds while we are there.  You can listen to our interview this morning by going to KCBI Interviews.

Thanks so much for your encouragement and support.  Help us keep on helping those who cannot repay.


A lot is going on, and if you keep checking here, I will try to keep you posted as we head to Angola with this great team of men!  The goal?  To return to Texas with a total committment to waste no time in establishing a scholarly chain of Accredited, 4-year Bible Colleges in Texas Prisons, and begin the total moral rehabilitation of our incarcerated men, women, and teenagers.  The answer lies in the human being’s “moral compass”— and it takes education and a true change of heart to swing the compass toward living a productive life, instead of a descructive life.  Stay tuned, and thank you for your prayers and support!  We continue to schedule prison and church events, and you can stay up to date on at our Travel Schedule.


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