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Want a Peek into Prisons? See What Our Colleagues Are Doing

January 2, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

There are many prison ministries hard at work behind the walls.  They are the result of church members being introduced to the opportunity.  That’s one of our jobs, is to help other free-world people find their calling among the hurting.


he prison population is the most despised element of any society, and for understandable reasons.  However, the God of the Bible loves even the hard to love.   He loves the despised, for he was once despised by men, and still is.  he loves the guilty, and loves them so much He came to earth to make a way for everyone to obtain a Full Pardon!  Jesus Christ indeed came for one class of people:  the guilty.

So it is because of their souls that we go.   Want to see a little of what prison ministries look like?  Here are some peeks inside prison work.  It is rare that videos are allowed to be shot inside prisons, so when we find one, we put it here so that you may get a feel for some of the work going on!  Our own videos of inner-prison work will be here in due time!


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