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January 2017

Graduation at Darrington, 2016! Thirty-Three new Texas Inmate “Field Ministers”

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Our Graduation this year marked the second class of thirty-three inmates who are now equipped with four-year Bachelor of Science in Biblical Studies degrees, awarded by the accredited Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Seminary PhDs taught these men for four years of full time study.  These men are now approved by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice to be transferred to other prisons in Texas, in teams of 4-5 men, where they will be given unprecedented access to move about their prisons and minister to the inmates.  With this second graduating class, we are now in thirteen prisons in Texas with Field Ministry teams.  God willing, each year in May we will graduate another senior class and send them out to multiple prisons where they will actually LIVE full time as inmate “pastors” and mentors.

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