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April 2016

Our Needs List

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As more men graduate from our historic prison seminary, the Southwestern Seminary at Darrington Penitentiary, our ministry to imprisoned men is growing steadily.  We now have seminary graduates— inmates with accredited seminary degrees– serving in thirteen (as of January 2017) different men’s penitentiaries in Texas.  They are being allowed to perform pastoral and ministerial services to inmates in those prisons— services that have never been collectively allowed within the Texas prison system.  New hope has come.

And this year, in 2017, we will begin work to bring a Texas women’s prison seminary into being.  With over 12,000 women locked up in some 12 Texas prisons, the need is huge for them to have their own prison seminary!

The continuing need for our work at The Heart of Texas Foundation is outstripping the means to support all the opportunities that are being presented. We receive regular requests to visit prisons, penitentiaries and jails not only in Texas but in other states as well.

All of these requests by others open opportunities for us to GIVE. Here are some of our current needs, for which we ask your prayerful consideration:

  1. PRIVATE FUNDING WILL KEEP THE DOORS OPEN. As you may know, we have committed to funding the operating expenses of the historic “Darrington Seminary” in the Darrington Maximum-Security Penitentiary in Rosharon, Texas. It’s an official campus of the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, in Fort Worth, Texas. This Seminary is now in its first year of operation. We need your help. Only PRIVATE FUNDING will keep the Seminary door open. You are welcome to join us in our own giving to this great work we have undertaken.
  2. CAN YOUR CHURCH BECOME A “Sustaining Partner” with The Heart of Texas Foundation? Please pray about putting us into your annual Missions Budget, or your monthly personal gift list, and support our work in the prisons of Texas, in supporting the Soiuthwestern Seminary at  Darrington (the only SACS accredited Seminary in a Texas prison) in Rosharon, Texas. Call Grove Norwood’s office phone direct at 281-850-8103 for information on what we offer to your church as part of the Sustaining Partner commitment to you. Or you may email him at
  3. FIELD MINISTRY TEAM “STARTER KITS”  Each year, in the month of May, we graduate another class of long-term inmates who have studied full time in our Heart of Texas sponsored Southwestern Seminary at Darrington penitentiary. We send these men out into Texas men’s prisons all over the state— each year, in teams of 4-5 men.  You can “adopt” a team by sponsoring a “Starter Kit” of equipment (3-4 computers and printers for their team’s use), theological and pastoral resources, and counseling materials– all new items, at  $7,000 per Kit.  Please let us know if you, your church, business, or Sunday School class would like to adopt one of the Field Ministry Prisons and donate a Kit to that Team.  You could adopt one new team every year!  Such a gift would so greatly help us equip these seminary graduates for their full-time ministry services in their Field Ministry prisons!  Email us for more information, or call us at 281-850-8103.
  4. To schedule a church event or retreat event, or if you have questions, call us at 281-850-8103, or email us at We charge no fees of any kind.