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June 2009

Prison Visits – Darrington Maximum Security Visit

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Post:  This was an unbelievable experience.  Pastors Hall, Spears, and I were invited to speak to the inmates in this well-fortified prison south of Houston.  It’s a big place.  They planned to show the documentary, “Heart of Texas” to a full chapel of inmates, and the allow us to speak following the film.  We asked for strict secrecy:  the inmates were not to be told we were coming!

The chapel was packed, we estimate about 350 men, all in dressed in their whites.  As the film ended, all the men came to their feet, and many were wiping their eyes as the Chaplain, said something like, “We have some visitors now, who have come to speak to you.  I won’t need to introduce them, as you will recognize them as they come in the back door.”

We walked in, and the standing crowd turned and burst into a welcome unlike anything any of us had ever experienced.

The skunk was on the table.